Epic Games: Steep startet nicht

Habe mir in der Aktion bei Epic Games das Spiel Steep kostenlos geholt und installiert. Will ich es jedoch starten, passiert gar nichts. Auch im Windows Event Log sind keine Fehler.

Lösung hab ich hier gefunden:

  • Install Steep in the Epic launcher
  • Run it from Epic – Redirected to Ubisoft and back
  • Run it again – doesn’t start
  • Run Steep.exe from the game folder – Uplay is started – Installation of the game is suggested
  • Cancel installation
  • Select „Locate game files“ in Uplay and point to the installed game.
  • Start the game (from Uplay or game folder or Epic) – Update is available
  • Start update download – Discovering files for a long time (~5 minutes on SSD) (looks like game files verification by Uplay)
    Installation of directX etc.
  • Game starts